Welcome to Sampford Alpacas

At Sampford Alpacas we sell alpacas, provide advice on keeping alpacas, give guidance on buying alpacas, create and sell various alpaca products – in short, we do almost everything alpaca related.

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What we do at Sampford Alpacas

  • We sell alpacas: young males, females and pregnant females – all halter trained
  • We provide stud services and advice on keeping alpacas and we give guidance on buying these lovely animals
  • We create and sell Alpaca Products – see where our stand will be next by following this link
  • About three times a year we run courses on both husbandry and fleece processing

Sale and Care

Alpacas make excellent pets and are also show animals. They are easily trained to lead and are gentle enough to be handled by children.

In the early days we attended several training days on the care and handling of alpaca, and now we teach others, this is free if you buy from Sampford Alpacas.

Advice can be given on land and other requirements and follow up help as well.

Several groups of alpaca that we have sold are now doing well in the show ring, whilst others are doing a good job keeping foxes away or entertaining visiting customers.

Read more about alpacas here

At Sampford Alpacas there is a variety of colours and ages for sale, some of which are breeding stock others are suitable as companion animals. All are halter trained.

A package can be made up to suit your wishes. Contact us to make any arrangements or if you have any queries.

Visits to Sampford Alpacas

Group visits can be arranged:

  • A 2hr introduction with refreshments for £20
  • A 5hr course, minimum of 4 people, covering the care and handling of animals and talking about fleece, including refreshments, for £45
  • A 2 day advanced course covering all aspects of alpacas, including refreshments, for £75

(All prices mentioned are per person)

Schools and other large groups by special arrangement

Accommodation can be provided – ask us about prices.

Contact Sampford Alpacas to arrange a visit

How we use the alpaca fleece

There is much enjoyment in looking after these special animals, and going through the process of using their fleece, which is made into a variety of things.

All the fleece is used to make, amongst other things, scarves, throws, clothing, material, hats, mittens, stuffed teddy bears and other animals, as well as knitting wool. All of which are sold at shows and craft fairs.

Check out where we will be next.


“We have bought six alpacas from Rosalind Pugh and she was extremely helpful not only in helping us make sure the alpacas settled down but in providing comprehensive and advice and support. All the alpacas we have bought from Rosalind are very calm and are obviously used to being handled. I would recommend whole heartedly buying from her, we use our alpacas for animal assisted intervention helping young people with learning difficulties and disabilities and they are a joy to work with”

Nikki Markham, Director Battling On
Merryhue Farmhouse, Callington, PL17 7HW